1st place Bahamas 1998

1998 SBI F2 National Champions                                                                                                                    

SBI Course records:                                                                      
Fastest Lap 90.70 MPH                                                                                        Fastest Average Speed / Complete Race 89.90 MPH         


1st place second race Key West, Runner-up World Championship SBI

1st place first race in Biloxi, Mississippi

In 1999 Martin and I ran a number of boats for Fountain. We ran a 38 Fever, F2-76 Another Fountain, in Miami and took 3rd place.

We ran the Mastry boat, a 38 Lightning, in Baltimore, Washington NC. and  New York City taking 3rd place each time. We also ran it in Key West and St. Pete without a podium finish.

In Sarasota 1999 I drove for David Knight in his brand new 38 Lightning. We raced 24 boats and secured a 3rd place in the boats first race.

David competed the rest of the season with his friend Roger Asley in the Parts Runner F2-15 boat.