I was the crew chief on Ryan Beckley's  Doubledge Motorsports Team in 2008.

The 30' Douglas Marine Skater races in the Cat Outboard class of the Offshore Super Series.

Ryan and his Driver Alan Campbell earned the National Championship Title in OSS.

Ryan Invited me to drive at the race in Marathon, a SBI event. I really enjoyed the opportunity to race a cat.  100 + MPH in a 4000 pound boat is exciting to say the least.

During the course of this season the opportunity arose to drive a SuperV light while at the OSS events.   George Auriemma Jr. races his 30' Phantom #10 IMCO Quality Marine Products and is planning the 2009 season with me as his driver.

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On several occasions I have crewed for one team and driven for another. It is my goal to prepare, crew, and drive the same boat. If only I had a sponsor.

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